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tsou.greece (which, read out loud, sounds a lot like “tsougrise”, i.e., “let’s clink our glasses” in Greek) marks the first attempt to create an online meeting point for ouzo enthusiasts across the globe. The website was first launched in 2007 to introduce to the broader public the countless ouzo labels which, up to that time, had remained in obscurity. By showcasing the special attributes and long history of Greece’s national drink, this second, upgraded version aims at also showcasing the distilling industry’s latest accomplishments, and at forging a modern image of ouzo that does it justice.

As a start, our Global Map of Ouzo will pinpoint the locations of ouzo production in Greece and Cyprus. Next, thanks to your invaluable help and reporting, it will include as many points of sale and consumption around the world as possible, so that it can contribute to the promotion of ouzo exports to both existing and new markets.



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Join us for a tour of ouzo distilleries, where seasoned ouzo craftsmen unveil the secrets behind its production.


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