The Plomari Ouzo Distillery Isidoros Arvanitis proves, once more, the extroversion that was always characterising it by developing new packages that revive the image of the beloved traditional distillate and are addressed exclusively to the tourist audience.

Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis is produced by the Greek family distillery “Isidoros Arvanitis” at Plomari, Lesvos since 1894. From a local product, it has succeeded, with the right planning, promotion and distribution, to have a strong presence not only in Greece, but also abroad. Today, it is a widely known, “Mediterranean” product that stands out through its refined features and its traditional distillation method. Greece’s favorite ouzo is currently exported to 37 countries worldwide and its exports account for 50% of the total production of the distillery.

The new packages of Ouzo Plomari are based on integral parts of Greek culture and tradition such as folklore, music, dance, and gastronomy. These are characteristic, known images that evoke the nostalgic feelings of the Greeks and the pleasant memories of every tourist who has visited our country.

Specifically, the topics of the new packages include a mermaid from the Greek folklore, a traditional seaside restaurant, traditional dances inspired from summer festivals in the Greek islands, musicians with traditional instruments. The new packages are available at Duty Free Shops in Greece for the bottles of 1lt and 200ml. The packages were crafted by the painter Aggeliki Stroutsi. Every drawing is also included inside every package as a gift.

Ouzo of Plomari continues promoting the image and culture of our land abroad by offering a traditional and high-quality product that contains images of Greece.

Plomari Ouzo Distillery Isidoros Arvanitis S.A.
Kampos Plagias – Plomari, Lesbos
+30 2252031450, +30 2106241440

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