The gogreek® Santa Claus ouzo miniature (gift box, 50ml, 42%vol.) is a new member of the multi-awarded gogreek® – the collectibles, which draws inspiration from the Greek mythology, history and tradition. Santa Claus ouzo miniature, a figure “adopted” from the wider western culture, designed exclusively for gogreek® by George Yonas, portrays the – much loved among the kids – gift barer Santa, in a modern and contemporary way.

Santa Claus (also Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle): a figure of historical, folkloric and legendary origins, celebrated mainly in Western cultures. He is said to be the gift giver for children on Christmas Eve (December 24th). The modern figure of Santa Claus is derived from the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas, whose name is a dialectal pronunciation of Saint Nicholas, the historical Greek bishop and gift-giver, who is considered to be the main inspiration for the existence of the concept of Santa Claus.


It could be the answer to the question: What is the meaning of greekness in the 21st century? Gogreek is a new idea that aspires to express and feature Greek history, philosophy, mythology and tradition, through the creation of high quality products, food and services of excellent design, which characterizes the brand.

The story

…began from a thought of the well-known designer and Creative Director George Gionas, who envisioned, in 2010, a series of high quality entirely Greek products, designed in a way that would depict Greece in the 21st century.

By the end of 2012, George Gionas «meets» mrs Elina Psimitis, President and CEO of PSIMITIS S.A., who «sees» more than just products in this idea. She foresees an opportunity to expand and give prominence to the Greek culture, which has always been her dream. Having supported important cultural initiatives in the past, Mrs Psimitis decides to take active part and support the idea operationally and financially. The creation of the gogreek brand and the product design begins. By July 2014 the brand’s first product is ready and launched in the market.

The start

…has already been made with «gogreek collectibles», Mytilene ouzo miniatures, designed in Greek Traditional Costumes, and other selected products, such as premium quality extra virgin Greek olive oil. At the same time, different product series were created (functional or/and decorative). For the time being, the brand disposes coasters, mugs, pillowcases, magnets, pocket mirrors, magnetic bookmarks, keychains, decks of playing cards and the tagari bag.

The series

Greek Traditional Costumes that «dress» ouzo miniatures: 12 couples from selected Greek regions. The designs of traditional costumes are also available in mugs, pillowcases etc.

Oh… My Gods!: The 12 Olympian Gods are the first designs of this product line. Each of them has their own ouzo miniature and story, and they appear in functional or decorative objects, such as pillowcases, coasters etc.

Oh…My Hero!: Six mythical and historical Greek figures make up for the third brand line, and, besides the ouzo miniatures, they lend their looks to small objects for everyday use such as magnetic bookmarks and small mirrors.

Food: Mister and Mrs. Farmer (extra virgin and organic extra virgin olive oil respectively) already have their fans.

Points of sale

The products are available in stores around Greece (our sales network is constantly growing). More information on the range of gogreek products:

Web page / e-shop:
Official fb page:

Giveaway – Enter to win

If you would like to win one of 5 Santa Claus ouzo miniatures offered by the gogreek company, enter our giveaway by:

1. Clicking “Like” at our page on facebook (if you have not already) and

2. Sharing the contest publicly on your wall, using the Share button of the contest’s post, found on our Facebook Page!

Winners will be held on Friday, December 30th. Entries will be accepted until Thursday, December 29th, at 23:59.

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