Dreaming of summertime, when we will all meet up at the beaches for a swim and a refreshing glass of ouzo, tsou.gr and its friends are launching the first 4 designs of the line Tsou-shirts featuring our favorite drink.

Directly associated with the high quality and exceptional visuals of our website, we are hopeful that the Tsou-shirts already stamped and ready to order at the hospitable Syros-based e-shop www.stampadiko.gr, will contribute in their own way to promoting a modern, upgraded image of our national drink.

We would like to thank for their invaluable contribution to bringing to life our idea Phaedra Richter for designing the TSOU.Greece logo, Tasos Maragkos (aka Tasmar) for designing the star anise sketch, and Freiderikos Roussos for handling the creative and virtual identity of our Tsou-shirts line.

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