Many years ago, I found myself for the first time in Crete willing to meet my parents-in law.
After our first encounter we went to the local café or better as we say it in Greece, to the “kafenio”. The spring had just started. It was May…

Everybody ordered the usual “raki” but I preferred ouzo, a choice that seemed uncommon. After a while, I realized that the mezedes (snacks) that accompanied raki, suited perfectly with ouzo.

The menu was simple and included a wild raw artichoke with salt and lemon, a wet rusk from barley with olive oil and salt, a few fresh broad beans and a small plate with pelte (tomato paste), olive oil and salt.

I can admit that a so simple for them, but simultaneously, so original, healthy, rare and Lenten menu is an excellent option to accompany an ouzo during the Lent-time.

Kostas Prekas

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