No longer than three months have elapsed since the satellite TV network Deutsche Welle, in collaboration with Charis Vekris and his Syros website, dedicated an entire article to ouzo.

That reportage took place back in July 2018 with its main focus being the Ouzo Fest, the Lesvos distillers’ annual celebration. It aired on EUROMAXX, a popular show broadcasted in four languages worldwide, which now returns with a second broadcast on ouzo, focusing this time on ouzo’s culinary uses.

It was filmed at Lina Chioti’s traditional taverna in Plomari and revolved around Lina’s recipe “Stuffed Calamari with Ouzo and Anise”. The broadcast premiered on Friday, October 12, 2018 and has already been uploaded on the “À la carte” page of the EUROMAXX site where foodies from around the world can not only watch how the dish is prepared but can also enjoy the beauties of the small town of Plomari, Lesvos, a town considered by many the birthplace of our national drink.

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