At, it is our great pleasure to announce our collaboration with Kostas Prekas, the Syros entrepreneur who has also written and published the book “Flavors from the Syros Home”. As a culinary enthusiast who loves exploring the secrets of traditional Greek flavors, the creator of “PREKAS – Greek Traditional Products from Syros” undertakes to give us a guided tour around the delicious world of those locally crafted traditional products which can become the ideal appetizers for our favorite drink.

“PREKAS Traditional Products”

The endless quest for goods of authentic traditional flavors and recipes, in order to distribute them around Greece, as well as export them abroad, led to setting up the “Prekas Traditional Products” facilities, for the manufacturing and labeling of high quality natural food products from Syros and the rest of the Cyclades islands.

Working with growers and collecting exquisite local plants and fruits in Syros land, Prekas Traditional Products, under the watchful eye and personal work of the owner, manufactures and distributes products bearing its own brand name, implementing up-to-date production process and storage.

Since the beginning, the philosophy of Prekas Traditional Products has been to establish the circle “farming-processing-distribute”, aiming at making quality certified products. By that reasoning, and monitoring international developments, Prekas Traditional Products supports contract farming arrangements with local farmers in sesame, caper, sea fennel and more, ensuring the good quality of the raw material, while supporting growers throughout the farming process.

Taking into account that manufacturing and packaging are of major importance for promotion strategies and product distribution, Prekas Traditional Products focused on settling its manufacturing facilities in a unique establishment in Hermoupolis, the capital town of Syros Island, meeting the modern specifications and standards.
Being true to the vision of reliable connection between production and consumption and sense of responsibility to consumers, the products meet quality standards and establish in the world the unique gastronomic wealth of the Cyclades.

Dear readers,
I would like to introduce a new column that carries parts of every-day life along with moments of friends’ gatherings that are accompanied with ouzo. As it is known, the most important snack that comes with drinking ouzo is good company. Having that ensured, everything can happen. After we shortly got to know its other, we will have the opportunity to discuss about the snacks that could match with ouzo in the following articles.

Kostas Prekas

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