I would like to present you a special product that I recently released. I am glad to let you know that the first time I tested it, it felt quite tasty and I sensed that it was perfectly compatible with ouzo.

I refer to the Syros pasta made of sea water (small noodles, barley pasta), a pasta flavor fully combined with every kind of seafood such as shrimps, oysters and crab. It is already being served in several restaurants on Syros Island with great success. I was inspired to materialize this project, when I watched once more a TV show, in which I had participated, where Mirsini Labraki and I had presented the preparation of a pasta recipe, a dish with shrimps, cherry-tomatoes and zucchini, all cooked in a pan and scented with ouzo. I decided to replace the kind of pasta we had used, with the one we recently produced and the result was purely magical!

Enjoy your meal drinking a glass of ouzo.

Kostas Prekas

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