photos: Nikos Ragkousis
illustration: TASMAR

The annual TSOU.GRisma for ouzo lovers has become an established event. This year, TSOU.GRisma 2019, a night for ouzo lovers, took place at the “Frangosyriani” appetizer venue in Ano Syros, on Saturday, June 29. During the event,, the website dedicated to all things ouzo, celebrated its third birthday, in the presence of invited journalists from Athens, Thessaloniki, and the Cyclades, collaborators, and fans.

As is the custom every year, the event began with a presentation by ouzo collector and creator of Charis Vekris of the successes of his non-profit initiative towards promoting our national drink over the past year. Distillery-Winery of Thrace spokesperson Eleftheria Papadopoulou introduced to attendees the dynamic and exceptionally active distillery of Komotini, our event’s grand sponsor. The festive night’s program also included a number of cultural activities. Those attending the event were given the rare opportunity to be the first to view the TV spot of the “ANO” 2019 International Organ Festival, in the presence of the TV spot’s director Ioannis Manousos. They were also given the chance to familiarize themselves with the Syros Accordion Festival organized during the last eight years by Christelle Loukitch and Candia Printezi.

Ouzo 7 and Ouzo Premium 7 Gold, which accompanied the event’s cultural experiences with their flavors, were served side by side with irresistible Syros appetizers offered by Pavlos Raouzaios. Equally important in the success of our event was the contribution of the KRITSINIS Liqueur Store and that of the PREKAS Greek Traditional Products of Syros.

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