Ouzo is a drink that needs gatherings, company, socializing. Still, the pandemic has led to social distancing and lockdowns, which means that not only are ouzo venues shut down but at-home gatherings are also prohibited. That’s why tsou.gr has begun its TSOUzoposies Online sessions. What does TSOUzoposies mean? What else? OUZO-QUAFFING with tsou.gr! In starting those online sessions, our point was: social distancing or no social distancing, we could still quaff our ouzo distillate and even chat with each other online while doing so. At every session, we’ll have as a guest of honor a distinguished distiller. Carpe ouzo! Now’s the time for you and us to ask the prominent distiller invited at each session, all we ever wanted to know about our favorite drink.

For as long as we’re under lockdown status, our TSOUzoposies Online will take place every Sunday at 13:00 hours (1:00 pm) so we can work up an appetite for lunch during the one hour that our session lasts. Friends of tsou.gr interested in sipping their ouzo with online company can enter our site, click on Contact, and send us a mail containing their name, the city/town/village they live in, and email address. We’ll happily respond by sending them an invite to join our online ouzo-quaffing session.

It was in the framework of this cycle for online gatherings that on Sunday, November 29, 2020, at 1:00 pm, TSOUzoposies Online, ver0.0, took place. Apart from its being our first gathering, we also used it as our trial run so we could fine-tune the transmission parameters of this great initiative on how to drink our ouzo and still meet under the current social distancing circumstances.

Our first guest of honor at our very first ouzo-quaffing session was Aris Zachos, owner of the OUZO ROUBOU Distillery in Preveza, Greece, who happily answered all the questions asked by our tsou.gr friends who had joined us online from their homes in Athens, Syros, Larisa, and Komotini. At the end of that successful online ouzo-quaffing session, we also held our TSOUzoposies ruffle. The winner, Nikos Albanopoulos from Syros, won a specially designed Ouzo Roubou bottle containing 500 ml of ouzo.

For more info on the discussion and a tribute to OUZO ROUBOU, stay tuned! We’ll be uploading a special article about it on our website in the next few days.

All info for the upcoming TSOUzoposies Online is available at our Facebook page.

Every Sunday at 1:00 pm

To our health!

Poster design: Freiderikos Roussos / syrostoday.gr

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